Thursday, 4 March 2010

Blabbering after watching a nice flick!

A handsome actor. An exotic disease. Solid research. And a supporting cast that seems to be totally sensitive to those affected by this particular disease. That's the formula everybody seems to be following these days. Add terrorism to the equation and the whole thing becomes so 'socially relevant'!

But there's another perspective with which I would want to look at SRK's latest - My Name is Khan. Given that this movie was slated as a comeback vehicle for one of the most successful on-screen pair in Bollywood, and my favourite for that matter, I had huge expectations from this one. I am not a movie freak, generaly speaking, but this one I had to had to watch... and I 'grabbed' that opportunity on my Holi holiday when I was home with my family.

Basically a love story with various underlying themes, MNIK weaves into its plot an exposition on Asperger's Syndrome, the standard jehaad related theories and several subtle sub themes like that of a community coming together in times of adversity breaking religious boundaries... 

What stands out most in the entire drama is the depiction of a purist's version of romance - caring, focussed, adventurous, obsessive!

Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage...

Enough mush! Shush!


Fivestars said...

Nice review btw.. Critical analyst!.. I liked the movie too regardless of what ppl say..

mondodello said...

@Fivestars (though, I prefer snickers or mars) Review ... :O !! I hadn't even started ... I just scribbled in this piece because I wanted to break the jinx of inaction that had befallen on my blog :| ... thanks, anyway :P! And yeah, welcome aboard ... when are you planning to start writing?

ArkAngel said...

I say this time SRK stole the show...outshining the chemistry that was exhibited by this most successful on-screen pair in Bollywood!

And yet, it is in no way a disappointment! :)

PS: pickin' words :P !